Our 12 day Mediterranean Cruise

Without all of your support through out the years,
 trips like this would not have been possible

So without hesitance we have to say

Thank you for all your support for over 20 years of Scancat!

Follow These Links 
to Our Ports of call

Here's the Embarkation photo to the Cruise Ship,
 Taken in Barcelona, Spain


Follow These Links 
to Our Ports of call


Port of Call 1 - Barcelona, Spain

Port of Call 2 - Riviera, France

Port of Call 3 - Florence, Italy

Port of Call 4 - Rome, Italy

Port of Call 5 - Mesinna, Sicily





   Port of Call 6-Nafplion, Greece

   Port of Call 7-Corfu, Greece

   Port of Call 7-Greek-Winery

   Port of Call 8-Katacolon, Greece

   Port of Call 9 Dubrovnik, Croati

   Port of Call 10-Venice, Italy






By The Way - those are not "canes" we are leaning on
 they are the handles on our carry on luggers
But, they DID come in handy