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Secret to great BBQ

Want the secret to "fall off the bone" tender BBQ

1 Simple answer

         T I N   F O I L

No matter how cheap the cut of meat, Slow Cooking is the secret to not only great taste but super tender meat. This type of cooking is actually best with the "lower priced" grades of meat such as Brisket, Ribs and whole "Roasting Chickens".

"Pricy" low fat meats will end up being tough, as there is little fat to self tenderize the meat.

While this is an "all day" process, it requires only sporadic "monitoring", and little - if any - real "work".


There are Three Things you should do

1 - BBQ with "indirect heat". Use a BBQ'r that has both a cooking chamber and a smaller offset "firebox"

2 - PRE-season the meat with Plenty of "Rib Rub" and Coarse Ground Black Pepper

3 - Use Plenty of Tin Foil

A - First lay into your Firebox plenty of "white hot" Charcoal. Once charcoal is burning white, Place your wood on top of the coals. But - Use Tin Foil to wrap around your "wood", so that while it smokes, it doesn't actually catch "flame". Soaking the wood in water for an hour or two prior to placing in BBQ'r will enhance the "smoke factor"

B - Cook Meat in the "Offset" cooker for about 2 hours or until the top is nice and dark brown, all the time continually basting with your favorite sauce. Cook meat wtih the "Fat up", so that as the fat renders, the juices soak into the meat and tenderize it.

C - After about 2 hours, remove Meat from BBQ'r, Wrap tightly with plenty of tin foil (I use a double layer), so that the meat is "sealed".  Replace the wrapped meat into the BBQ'r. Cook the tin foiled sealed meat another 3-4 hours at a temperature that is below 200 Degrees. (Water Boils at 212, so you want to be sure you don't cook the meat so hot that the remaining moisture boils out.)

D - If you don't have a Thermometer mounted to your "Grill",get one of the digital Thermometers with the 3 ft cable with the sensor on the end. Put the sensor on top of the meat.    Add a few charcoal briquetts at a time to maintain temperature.

Don't forget the Roastin' Ears

- Buy the Frozen Ears of Corn cut up into 3 inch cobs
- About an hour before you pull off the Meat... 
- Place the Corn Cobs into a 12 Quart Pasta Pot
    wtih one 3oz envelope Zatarains Crab Boil mix - Also add 1/8 cup salt to the boiling water.
- Cook for about 30-45 minutes for some of the most tasty "Corn-on-the-Cob" you've EVER had