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Some "Two of my Favorites"

Cajun Recipies

Guns and Roses

Several of my "Two Most Favorites....."

My World

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Two of my Favorite Artists (with the Last Name of Nelson)

An incredibly good read on the controversial  ... Willie

 To me -
Wille's life encapsulates either
 everything we have ever done in our own lives
   ... or WISH we had done

Not exactly a "Choir Boy" either.... Ricky

You can't please everyone... so yah gotta please yourself


Two of my Favorite "Movies" or "TV Series"

Star Trek - Beam me Up Scotty

It is human nature "to boldly go where no man has gone before". 

I'm sure future generations to come, will look upon this iconic series
the same way "our" generation looks upon "Flash Gordon" from the mid 30's.
Science Fiction has a strange way of becoming the reality of the future.

X-Files - I Want To Believe


 I have this Poster mounted on the wall in my office, 

        what else is there to say?


Famous Quotes from two of my All Time Favorite Actors

  Go ahead... make my Day ... (Eastwood)


  Shaken, not stirred ... (Connery)


Albums from Some of my All Time Favorite Bands



Hell Freezes Over


Chicago - Earth Wind and Fire Live at the Greek Theatre