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You're either For Guns or against them

 - But at least in the USA you still have the Freedom of Choice -

These are just a few of my Favorites.
And my interests range from Antique to Exotic

I either OWN them or HAVE owned them

The Stock Market may rise and fall but MY "Stock" never depreciates

How many do YOU recognize - or own?

 These Pictures are representative and are not the actual guns

Beats taking all those pictures <GGG>

     Desert Eagle 50 Cal
Magnum Research - Desert Eagle 50 Cal
AMT AutoMage 30 Carbine-Pistol
    AMT - "Automag" 30 Carbine Semi
Colt 1911 World War II
   Colt - 1911 - 45ACP WWII original 
Freedom Arms Belt Buckle Concealed 22 Revolver
    Freedom Arms - BeltBuckle 22LR
German Luger - WWII Era
     German Luger - Circa 1922 
Mauser -''Broom Handle'' WW I era
 Mauser C96- "BroomHandle"  - seen in 
   Indiana Jones "Raiders of Lost Ark"
Ruger MINI-14 Folding Stock Stainless
  Ruger Mini-14 223 -OEM Folding Stock
        "Stainless" 1980's PreBan 
Thompson Smei 45Cal Iconic Ganster Weapon

Thompson Semi-Auto version of 1930's "Untouchables Era" Sub Machine Gun
UZI-IMI-MDL B 9mm carbine
    IMI-Israeli UZI - 9mm Carbine
     Dirty Harry Iconic 44 Magnum Worlds Most Powerful Handgun
  S&W MDL 29 "Dirty Harry" 44 Magnum

AK-47 7672X39 Iconic Folding Stock such as ''Bin'' used
   Russian AK-47 7.62X39 Semi-Auto
    UZI - 9mm Pistol  Circa WWII     
       IMI-Israeli UZI - 9mm Pistol

Akdal - MKA-1919 - AR-15 Style
12ga Semi-Auto Shotgun
5-10-12  Round Magazines

Japanese WWII Nambu Pistol

Colt "Slab Side" SP-1-AR15-Circa 1973
Rare - Hard to Find - Collectable