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Easy Does it Hot Dog Chili


My Main Gripe when creating Hot Dog and Bun Sandwiches has to do with the "Chili"

Seems like I never use all of what's in the can, I've tried freezing what's left in a
small container, and then thawing it out in the microwave when needed,
But that just doesn't work well and half of what I've saved usually gets "nuked".

          Mom always preached "Waste not - Want Not",

SO, I went to the Dollar Tree store, bought a set of catsup and mustard squeeze bottles.
I cut the tip so that there's a larger open area for the thicker sauce,

Even Hot Dog Sauce is "Chunky", and could clog the squeezer opening,
so I Open a can of Wolf Brand HotDog Chili,
        and put it into my " Bullet Blender"

After that has puree'd, I just a funnel to get it into one of the Squeeze bottles

Works out "Super". This can be saved in the 'frigg for weeks - or pop it into the freezer,
and then when needed 
just thaw it out under running hot water for about 30 minutes.

This lets you apply just the right amount of chili and is as "no mess" as it can get.

Now, I not only save money, but have have a new "cooking toy" to play with. 

Try THIS - use an icepick or thin round "poker" to pierce the length of the hot dog
(I use my Big Meat Thermometer) and then just Squeeze the chili into the dog.  
Be careful so you only pierce the INside, and not puncture the skin.

The only "Messy" part is eatin' it. Just bring plenty of napkins