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Here you will find a compendium of web pages that are scattered around on my three websites. They are linked from various web pages, but I felt maybe this one page could encapsulate all them into one easy set of links. These links represent our philosophies, beliefs, favorite charities and even some of our "pet peeves" about the business community as a whole. 

Some of these pages were created in the early days of our being on the internet, and have never been "upgraded" to snazzy, glitzy modernistic works of webpage art....  but they still serve a purpose and get the job done!

Frankly I conduct our business (C.A.T's) in the same way that I would expect others to treat me as a customer.

As I get older (and hopefully wiser) I have developed little tolerance for people that do otherwise.


  • Here is a New  webpage on one of my "other passions"...... Photography.

  • If you have nothing better to do, take a look at some of our "other stuff" that might be of interest

  • Take a look at Our Favorite Place - To me - these people are the "Real Americans".  I believe you should always give Back some of what you have received. Some people use the ttem ..... Pay It Forward We hope others feel the same way.  I have good friends that have visited this place. They have no agendas and... a very high percentage of contributions go to the "intended purpose". 

  • "My heroes have always been Cowboys".  Two of my favorite Singers (Willie and Waylon) originally wrote the title of this, and then  someone came along and added just a "little Politics" for good measure. 

  • Sometimes, I get motivated to put my feelings down on "paper". While it's only once in a while. 
                       This is one of them  - Virus's and Terrorists

     I wrote this after 9-11. It needs updating but the feelings haven't changed.

                        This is another      -   Not My First Rodeo


                                MY RAVES AND RANTS

As stated above, I have a low tolerance for the way some companies conduct "business as usual". 
So - while the links below to several articles may not surprise you ... it does make a "good read". 

BTW - The person in the Picture (in Celina, Ohio) is a classmate of mine  from 1957 - And - my Dad's family were major stockholders of the Huffy company in the early 1900's. So I kind of have a personal interest in what has happened. 

If you don't, my recent "Hot Letter" to ConAgra may be an eye opener.

     In particular scroll down to the Headings regarding

         "Genetically Modified Foods" and "Product Incidents"

Do you buy Frozen Dinners or Frozen "House Brands" from these Companies ?
    Peter Pan, Banquet, Albertson’s, Food Lion, Great Value, 
    Hill Country Fare, Kirkwood, Kroger, Meijer, Western Family.

They ALL use ConAgra for as their processor on a number of "Processed foods"

Within a week of sending the "hot letter" email to ConAgra, 
I received in my email not ONE but TWO "Newsletters" from ConAgra..... 
            Fortunately,  my Virus protection caught them ......
FYI - I never signed up for a "newsletter", so someone at ConAgra had to have done this
        (And.... Frankly), I do not believe in coincidence..... 

  • About the President  - no - not Reagan, Clinton, Bush, and most certainly not Obama.

  • Cajun Cookin'  - Cajun Recipies

  • Last but not least - and  not really last :) 
    IF you're a Red Neck then you will understand this great URL
            Great Mobile Homes of Mississippi (and Looziana)

  • Disclaimer..... most of the above is either of my own authorship or in some instances  "borrowed" from other sources to preserve the content before it disappears from those sites. Some things like the Cajun recopies were simply stolen from my friends, as all "good" recipes should be. All copyrights are displayed, and credits given where originally shown. If you feel we have borrowed your stuff without permission, feel free to contact us with your complaints or "compliments".

  • Please be aware -  in ''this part of the country'' rednecks are the majority of the "Caucasian population". Waylon and Willie are the Holy Grail of Country Music.  Bubba and Buddy are common names, even with Gov'ners (Buddy Roehmer).  A Double Wide is considered ''High Class". Top Load Washin' machines are commonly known as ''dual purpose appliances'' and on holidays commonly hold 3 bags of  ice and 6-8 six-packs of brew. Dawgs are always spelled with a "w" and everyone has at least one female dawg with puppies under the porch Of their House Trailer.

Live long and Prosper" (YES...... I love Star Trek!)

Jim Springer
President - Computer Aided Technologies


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