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My Pasta

Spices have been at the foundation of preparing food since ancient man discovered the use of Salt and Pepper

This Pasta recipie uses as its foundation two commercially available Spice mixtures - You could literally spend hours
coming up with the Distinctive Italian Flavor that is contained in these two bottles. 

I have found that the Tones spices give the very best Italian flavor for this type of dish


I wish I could take total credit for this dish, but I "stole" the recipie while watching an "order as you eat cook" 
preparing this on a portable grill for a Class Reunion a few years back. So I made a mental note of how
easy it was, started from there, and simply embellished on the original idea.
This entire meal takes less then 30 minutes from Skillet to Plate. 
Most of the time consumed is the slicing and dicing
==========   INGREDIANTS    ===================
1 package Vermicelli spaghetti (Vermicelli lends a delicacy and unique flavor to this kind of dish) 1 Capfull Tones GarlicHerb Seasoning 2 Capfull TonesSpaghetti Seasoning 2 very large tomatoes (or) 4small 3 clumps green top onions 1 package sliced mushrooms 1 large chicken breast (or) 1 pound fresh shrimp 1 Stick Margarine (I can't believe it's butter") or "real" butter
1/8 cup Virgin Olive Oil
========== CRANKING IT UP ======================
- Place spagetti in pot of boiling water to cook 
==========  SLICING AND DICING    ===================
- While cooking the spaghetti above, (usually about 15 minutes)
Dice chicken into tiny pieces Chop the entire green top onions into 1/2 inch pieces Dice tomatoes Chop mushrooms into 1/2 inch pieces
=========  PUTTIN'  IT ALL TOGETHER =================
- While cooking the spaghetti above, (usually about 15 minutes)
-  Place chicken In a large skillet with 1/2 stick butter and 1/8th cup olive oil
- Once slightly browned add 1 capfull Tones Garlic & Herb and let sautee
- Add sliced tomatoes - then on top of that the onions - then on  top of that the mushrooms
- Add on top of all that, two capfulls Tones Spaghetti Seasoning and turn stove to low 
- Cook until reduced to thick saucy consistency - mix as it reduces
     When done, temporarily pour Sauce mix into large bowl
- Put cooked spaghetti into same skillet - then add the mix back on to top of the spaghetti
- Mix everything like you would toss a salad until spaghetti mixed well with sauce
- Slice1/2 stick butter into 4-5 pieces  -  and place on top of the mixed spaghetti
    COVER, and Place on lowest heat  and wait  untill butter melts
- Salt lightly on top to suit taste and your diet. (I use Sea Salt in a "grinder")
    Serve with some Garlic Toast  and a nice green salad