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Radio Collection

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I have several hobbies,
 one of which is collecting Old Time Radios from the 40's to 60's

Below are just a "few" examples of what I have
The pictures below are representative of what I own
and not necessarily photos of my real  radios
Beats taking all those pictures <GGG> 

 However, all of these are in good working condition, even the old Zenith Console

      Zenith Mdl 12-5-267
  3 band - Flywheel Tuning
 1938 Console - Still Works!

 Regency TR-1G - USA's first
  All transitor Pocket Radio

  Iconic - Realtone TR-1088
     1950's Transitor Radio

   Regency - First USA MFG'd
   6 transistor Portable radio
  Zenith "Owl Eye" Royal 500D 

  Standard's "Micronic Ruby-8"    at the time was worlds smallest all transitor pocket radio

         Sony TR1819 "Cube"

 Sony TFM-1859 "Desk Radio"

      Hallicrafter - S-38B

  Regency-10 Ch. Police Scanner

       EICO Signal Tracer

       Hallicrafter S-40B