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 Some are Mine, Some are ''Stolen'
All I use on a regular basis


    It's not about being number one

        It's about being number one

            more than once



  Kids Say the Darndest Things

  But Mom...

    I've been doing my Badest to be Good


       The Family Tradition

       He Who Cooks.... Never Cleans


       The road to Hell
              is paved with good intentions


Work Ethic

        You do what you gotta do
           To do what you wanna do  


      You have to pay a price in life

          ... to do something you love


     Many times, the road to success
         ....   is paved with failure




    If you can't find something nice
         to say about someone

     You're not looking hard enough              _______________________________________

     The best way to predict the future
                     is to invent it


 The loudest person in the room 

   is the weakest person in the room


        Curiosity killed the cat
            and satisfaction brought it back

    Show respect even to people
        who don't deserve it;
    Not as a reflection of their character
         but of yours

          Showing Off

   If a nail sticks out of a piece of wood

           It gets hammered down   _______________________________

     Never underestimate the power of
        Stupid People in a large group

              The Proper Attitude

      It's easier to get forgiveness
           .....  than permission


  As you grow older ...
   Try to keep at least 6 good friends  
      you're going to need at least One 
        For each handle on the "Box"

        Figures Lie..... and Liars Figure

     I often ask myself... am I crazy?
       ... or is it just the rest of the world?


     It's extremely difficult to Stop Someone 

       when they simply won't stop coming.

        It's far better to burn out
              than it is to just     rust


The hardest part of getting old
    ..... is outliving all your friends


If you're Running out of Time,
....Try Walking


   In cards, 

      only the last card turned counts    


  The Surest way
       to find something 
you've lost
            ....  Is to buy a NEW one

        No man is a failure
               ...  who has friends


  Remember When We Were Young?

             Our Class Motto was. 

    " Wine, Wimmin' and Whisky,

       The Class of '59 and Maybe '60 "


Financials      ____________________________



      Where there's a will
               ...there's a relative

     Players only love you 

           ... when you're Playing              ____________________________

Questions about "Motives" ?

It's ALWAYS about the MONEY


People who say money can't buy happiness
  simply don't know how to shop!


  You can't take it with you  .....but the
   wise  know how to spend just enough
    to not leave anything behind


     The High Cost of Livin'

  It's not the high cost of living
         ..... It's the cost of living high


Personality Traits

The louder someone criticizes...
The more likely it is
they are GUILTY of the same "SIN",

It's called a "Tell"


Jimmy Swaggart is it's "Poster Child"




    Never put off till tomorrow
hat you can put off till next  


I have plenty of Patience

 - because I've never used any of it!

   Forever Young ...


You can be young but once,                 .... but immature forever



   Jamais Vu


   If you could wake up tomorrow and have
    one new ability
       what would you like it to be ?

  (My Ans: to see one day into the future)

Corporate Headquarters

   Okeee Dokee.  

     ...You asked to see our office

         ...... so here 'tis

The Pina Colatas are just to the right of the the laptop under the 2nd Palm tree.
   Yah gotta keep 'em in the shade <G>

          The truth is out there!
   I have this poster mounted on the
               wall in my office.

   To quote from the movie "Contact"
     If it's just us .....
      seems like an awful waste of space.'

       ..... What else can I say ?


               A  bird in the hand
 ....Can get messy 


     Famous Last Words
     "Now what could Possibly go wrong?"  

                          " Trust Me "

Pay attention, I'm only going to do this once! 


           War and Peace


   You can't fight Un-Conventional warfare
          with Conventional warfare
Evil is extremely hard to kill

         Radical Islamic's - Muslims

I defy you to name one other "religion"  that preaches Violence & Death  as an integral teaching of it's beliefs Islam is a totalitarian ideology that rejects Democracy, personal freedom, and every other religion

       If you want to make peace,
         you don't talk to your friends.
            You talk to your enemies.
         ..... Hidden Genius .....

  Every person no matter how
    handicapped they may appear to be,
      is born with One,
          Special, Unique, Talent.

      The quest in life should be to find
        (and develop) that special talent.


         Live Long and Proper.....



       We are not just responsible

                for our own life, 

         But for every life we touch


     Borrowing from Rick Nelson's song

                  "Garden Party"

It's all right now

I learned my lesson well

You see, ya can't please everyone

So ya gotta please yourself


     The Proper Diet...

       I never eat or drink anything  
          I cannot pronounce !

    If it looks good and tastes good

          it's usually bad for you



The needs of the many

   outweighs the needs of the few.

            .... or the one


Don't listen to what people say
   Instead, watch what they do


Do what you love in life

     ...   Or hate what you do


He who does not learn from history

          is doomed to repeat it


The best lies ...

     ...  always contain a grain of truth


   In Politics

        sunlight is the best disinfectant



Belief in God, the Final Reward
(and) Judgement,
is the Glue that binds us all together
and "holds our feet to the fire" 

Without Religion, Society as we know it, would crumble into chaos



Committies are known for  ....

Keeping Minutes and Wasting Hours


Genius Is...

The ability to connect the unconnected. To see relationships where others cannot


  10% Inspiration, 90% Perspiration  


The ability to see the future

   as though it was happening today.


 Philosphies on Stuff

      You can - Never - Ever - Ever
          ..... have enough Stuff


  Stuff I am Passionate about

      C O O K I N ' 

    Anything involving :
        Old Cameras
         Old Guns
             or ...
           Old Radios       

   I call it OCD .....
     "Obsessive Collecting Disorder"


          And Finally The Saying ...

Ad Mortalianum Pour Musthavalata Stuphenourium De Lottoarius  

Loosely Interpreted - He who dies with the most Stuff      W I N S 


        The devil is in the details

The Delaration of Independence
is the only document in the world that quarantees the ''Pursuit of Happiness''


       It doesn't Guarantee Happiness,

            only the right to Persue it.



   Second Amendment 


There's a Second Amendment ...

    In case the government
  fails to follow the FIRST one.


   Gun Control (and) Carry   

         An Armed Society

                       is a

                Polite Society


     Gun Control should be about


              Not Limitation 

   It is better to be judged by twelve
         ....  than carried by six

    Gun control means
      ...  being able to hit your target.

   When seconds matter ...
   .... the police are only minutes away

   When guns are outlawed

    .... only outlaws will have guns


Stop and Frisk

The law says who can carry

 - period - end of story


If you're under 21

you don't carry a gun


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I've owned a guitar since the 50's. I've also tried to play guitar since the 50's (A matter of personal Opinion)

What I've bought have either met "tragic ends", or I've kept them
(But I've enjoyed each & every one)

Here's just a few of what
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