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First read this little bit about one of my "Passions"

Shot from less than 20 Miles From Our Home In Shreveport, LA

I'm Jim Springer. While some of the pictures in my "Personal Gallery" are from far away places, many were taken within 20 miles of our home. Some within blocks of where we live. You don't have to travel to exotic distant places to get memorable photo's. There are an abundance of "Kodak Moments" within 30 minutes drive time. Probably you drive right past them every day and never take the time to "stop and shoot".

I have a number of Passions, many of which seem to start with a "C".. Cooking, Computers, Camera's and Collecting. Cameras and Photography have been a part of my life since my teenage days. My father had an active photography hobby that I can remember as far back as my pre-teen days. So the saying, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree", certainly applies to me. It seems I've always had some kind of camera around, even if it was a simple Kodak Brownie..  Dad has been gone for years and years now, but his old slides from those days are now preserved in digital form. A few years back I took the time to convert everything to "digital". I'm glad I did, as many were so faded it was hard to tell if they were in sepia or color.   Back in the 50's, no one even dreamed that film would one day be replaced by  "Digital" photography. Fact is, "digital" was an unknown term and usually applied to the fingers on your hand, not the way we accept it today. Yet here we are, with high resolution cameras in our phones, not to mention Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras (DSLR) with resolutions capable of high quality prints of Museum size and National Geographic quality.

I recently bought a DSLR after carrying around (for years) a series of Good Quality Pocket Digital Cameras. "Back in the day",  I used to use SLR Film Cameras, that ranged from 35mm Canon A1s, to expensive 2-1/4 medium format cameras such as the RB-67, Hasselblad or the Yashica Mat Twin Lens Reflex. I shot Weddings and Portraiture as a part time professional, and belonged to a local Photography Club where we competed on a national level. I had a darkroom and spent many a night processing 16x20 color prints in the Bathroom because I needed  running water.  I still have a film negative archive that takes up several 3-ring binders, and many of the prints from those negatives decorate the walls of our home.   I sold off the medium format cameras years ago, but for sentimental reasons, I've held onto my Canon's. They haven't been used in over 25 years, however the point is.... Digital is the new "film", and film has gone the way of the Model T and the Polaroid.

On the link below are a few of my more recent "picks" from the digital world. While some are from the pocketable cameras, most are from the DSLR's. Even phone cameras are acceptable when nothing else is available - and yes, you can get good pictures. (But) I can assure you that if you are serious about consistently taking quality pictures, nothing compares to a DSLR. I recently bought an entry level Canon Rebel T3, with a 18-250 zoom lens. I immediately noticed the pronounced difference in the quality of the pictures. They were sharper, even when shot from a moving vehicle. Even indoors, shooting without a flash, unwanted blur was at a minimum. And I can tell you from years of personal experience, holding and aiming a "Professional camera" just promotes taking better quality pictures. 

So, take a look at one of my many "passions"... the wonderful world of photography

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Jim Springer

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